The “January Effect” kicked in!

My suggested IPO Trades Rocketed Higher as the January Effect Kicked In! Below is an updated video that ties in directly with my IPO Trade Review from Monday Jan 13th Video on my new YouTube Channel.

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As discussed and posted before the holidays for clients, I was expecting the “January Effect” to kick in and bid up those extremely oversold “value” plays wherein all of a sudden they get bought up again. Well, my two favorite themes – IPOs and Pot Stocks – did just that and here’s the action that we tracked, timed and traded in my live trading room.

Suggested Sector Rotation Plays I saw and posted to clients:

  • November 5th: Platinum + Palladium – yeah, that worked! And one is just starting!!
  • November 19th: IPOs – See Below! Warning, I think the ‘easy money’ has been made in ‘basket trading’ this theme. The pace should slow/digest/retrace, so be selective.
  • December 4th: Oil + Gas– This was a theme I posted about in October (Reflation trade) and then in my trading room Jan 7th announced it likely ‘ended’ and suggested shorts.
  • December 27th: Pot Stocks – This was a well-timed turn even if stops were a tad too tight for my positions. This week, the trend reversal signs higher were in full force.

Let’s Review!


IPO Trade Details – So Far:

  • BYND – Tues Jan 7 BO: 75-135 w PT of 140
  • CRWD – Wed Jan 8 >55d: since then 45 degree climb from 54 to 63 w PT of 69.70
  • CVET – MON Jan 13th as IPO that hasn’t run, great bottom fishing chart and story: 13.50-15 but 18 PT to start w 24 in time
  • DBX – lots of insider buying, UOA, and right sector but hasn’t closed >10wk so no interest yet
  • FTCH – strong rec 12/30 as IPO that hasn’t run, great bottom fishing chart and story/fundamentals: 10-13 w PT of 15 then 19+
  • GH – Bounced off 55D Mon Jan 13, slow to launch but like a lot > $84 wk close.
  • FSLY – forgot about but like a lot for both chart + growth story (needs time)
  • IPO – etf that gapped higher on Thur Jan 2 and hasn’t closed <3D but now hitting DT at $33.60
  • IQ HUYA – charts in full on swing long mode with other China plays
  • LK – freak of nature long with 54% short interest. Strong rec at $33.50 then again Wed Jan 8th as long as >33.50. Tagged 51.50 Fri 17th. Gorgeous but extended.
  • MDB OKTA – both strong rec >135 + 120. Both hit PT of 155 + 131.50
  • NIO – strong rec before Xmas when closed >10/21W with 2.25 stop. Gapped 36% higher then pulled back to 200D. Strong rec >2.88 w 5.35 PT. Closed at 4.64.
  • PD – Yet to launch
  • WORK – something holding it from launching like MSFT as competition. Hard Pass until >24 close
  • PINS – perfect play >20 with suggested May 20x23CS financed by selling 17P for scratch. Returned 10X in under a week!!
  • PS – another IPO that hasn’t run, great bottom fishing chart with close >19 with inverse H&S and > 10/21W.
  • PTON – wasn’t excited as needed to stay >55D at 28 + BO >TL at 30. Potential runner with large SI of 70%!!
  • RVLV – poised for BO as its another IPO that hasn’t run, great bottom fishing chart with close >21.64
  • SDC – well played gap Mon Jan 6th that PB to 21D + held then gapped higher again to 15 from 8.
  • UBER – strong rec at 30 with CEO insider selling done + bounce on 55D. PT 36++ still in sights from 35 consolidation.
  • ZM – constructive >76
  • ZS – perfect play >50 with inverse H&S on Wk + BO thru 10/21Wk to 55.30 at 30 wk then continuation to 200D at 62

Client Video includes my ‘Market Tell’ bearish charts that I am closely watching for a trigger to go short and the technical price action for LRE (low-risk entries) and ESP (entry, stop, profit) targets of my recommended IPO, Momentum, Macro, Value, Weed and 2020 Bottom Fishing plays.


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