Where our focus goes, our energy flows.

Samantha will open her trading room from 9:00 – 12:30 PM ET each trading day to commentate and engage with clients at the top of each hour. She will review her market thoughts, trade set-ups and custom analysis for clients for approximately 25 minutes. This focused time will help clients who have difficulty attending Samantha’s entire live trading room session to more easily pop in to listen to her highlights and ask her questions. In turn, this format will allow Samantha a ‘quiet time’ when she can focus not on talking but on entering and managing trades. As such, she will only record the time when she is broadcasting, and the collection of these broadcast presentations will be uploaded as one video at the end of each trading day in the same place they have been archived before – on her Live Trading Room page.
In addition to the condensed presentation time to express market views and review open/closed trades, Samantha will organize these sessions as follows:
  • 9 AM PreMarket Plan
  • 10 AM Chases In Play
  • 11 AM Swings & Trends
  • 12 PM Key Intermarket Charts
  • 12:30 PM Live Trading Room Closes

Samantha may close her trading room at 12:30 PM ET, but we keep working for our clients – both retail and institutional:

In addition to Samantha’s client-focused Macro-to-Micro Newsletters and Premium Videos, Andrew, LaDucTrading’s Director of Research and Trader Education, will summarize in a daily fishing plan those highlights that capture Samantha’s key themes and trade set ups spied from her live trading room. The goal of the daily Fishing Plan will be to condense Samantha’s analysis into ‘bullet points’ and her trade ideas into top watchlists in-addition-to and in-support-of her actionable brokerage-triggered trade alerts!

Feedback is always welcome and [email protected] is ready to help you should you have any questions!

*EDGE is the LaDucTrading institutional offering that highlights Samantha’s highest conviction researched trades and macro/intermarket analysis.