Panic with friends (47) – with Samantha LaDuc of LaDucTrading

This podcast was important to me. Practically everyone in trader education and FinTech knows Howard Lindzon – the founder of StockTwits and early investor in everything, and I mean everything, in the trading space: StockTwits, Robinhood, eToro, KoyFin, RealVision and on and one. No question, he has a huge following on social media because he provides such first-hand knowledge and insight into the trading space and those in it!

I was also excited to be able to present my views in a forum that is dominated by men – on both sides of the trade – from retail to institutional, trader to platform. The Voice of Women is not often heard in the trader education space – whether from oversight or disregard. Howard, however, welcomed my market insights as much as my passion to attract, inspire and elevate women in and to the finance industry, platforms and trading!!!

Speaking of which, it was a long-time client, a woman, to whom I am grateful for lifting up my voice to Howard and recommending me for this interview. Many thanks, Karen!

And to Howard, a sincere thank you for your unsolicited testimonial after I hung up after the interview was over! Wow, I was not expecting this exchange!!

Howard Lindzon and Knut Jensen: from Minute 51:58 – 52:57

Howard Lindzon:
“As much as I don’t know Samantha, I just could tell from my email communications over the years that she’s gonna kick some ass.

Knut Jensen:
Obviously, brilliant.
Howard Lindzon:
Jesus, just the way she expresses her thoughts – there’s people we had like JC (JC Parets), we had Kimball (Chris Kimball of Kimball Charting Solutions), we had Ben Hunt (Epsilon Theory). She’s right up there.
Knut Jensen:
Right, No doubt about it.
Howard Lindzon:
Like the way she expressed ”life preservation meets capital preservation”. I mean if you’re a client of hers, hello!
Ok, you don’t have to get short, but like, that saved people a fortune in the middle of February if you follow along and you buy into the way she reads the market.
So I think the lesson is too for people, is like, ‘$100 a month or $300 a month or $1000 a month’ if this is your job you have to pay for mentorship you know, and that’s the kind of mentorship you want.”

I am honored, humbled and happy.