This is Heading 1

This is paragraph 1 – There’s a little space above because I’ve got h1 tags for the heading.
This is paragraph 2 – There’s no space because I’ve removed the line between this and p1 in the “Text” view.
This is paragraph 3

This is Heading 2

This is paragraph 4
This is paragraph 5

If I leave a space in-between the paragraph 5 and here – there will be a double space. I have to do this in the “TEXT” Editor though because I don’t have the option in the visual editor.

I have set all modules to have a 0 margin and padding on the top and bottom – EXCEPT the module directly below this one (Text Module 2). Margin/padding settings can be found in the “Design” section of the module settings.

Bottom of Text Module 2

This is the first line of Text Module 3. Notice how there is an extra gap between here and the text above? That’s because I haven’t set the margin/padding to 0.