Active traders and investors can now profit from best-of-breed trading signals across Chase, Swing and Trend time-frames.

LaDucTrading Risk Indicators give you Superpowers:

  • Leverage our leading not lagging trade signals for changes in market direction before they happen!
  • Build your own trade alerts by time-frame and sector.
  • Choose from over 300 ETFs that represent over 5,000 Stocks.
  • Customize unlimited SMS, Email and Push notifications

Get Actionable Trade Alerts To Manage Market Risk On Any Time-frame

Nothing Better for Intraday Chase Trading.

The Risk Range indicator helps position intraday traders to chase directional movements in markets - before they happen or once they confirm they are happening. Either way, this is a very profitable system to use in your trading of major indices and sectors!

Often risk works from the 'inside-out', where these intraday moves anticipate daily changes which then confirm into swing and trend directions. Use Risk Range Indicator with Go With The Flow Indicator to confirm changes in swing trading time-frames that can last for weeks.  

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Gain Access to Trade Signals Across Top Sectors Covering Over 300 ETFs and 5000 Stocks

Ideal for Swing Trading.

The Go With The Flow Indicator helps manage directional swing positions by keeping you on the right side of the daily trade and helps you avoid getting shaken out early from whip-saw moves. This algorithm really helps remove the noise and increase confidence.

The Go With The Flow Indicator is a very powerful tool to read under-the-surface activity in an index or sector ETF using a proprietary combination of quantitative metrics that can and do regularly lead the underlying price action.

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Customize Unlimited SMS, Email and Push Notifications to Never Miss an Alert

Perfect for Trend Investing.

The Portfolio Hedger Indicator helps build portfolio value by alerting when to hedge (buy volatility) or avoid risk (reduce/close longs).

This algo triggers as direction of trend changes so you can take action to protect from incoming volatility.

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"Quantitative meets Qualitative in these institutional-grade algos that I have used for years with my clients in my live trading rooms. They are built to be used independently as trading signals or trading tools!" 

Samantha LaDuc - Founder of LaDucTrading

"This proprietary indicator has been a spectacular addition to my trading process, keeping me out of trouble and helping me know when to press ideas. Truly invaluable stuff. Highly recommend."

LaDucTrading client & former hedge fund manager

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