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Dale Pinkert has joined LaDucTrading as Live Trading Room moderator and coach.

Dale is a veteran trader, educator and interviewer who specializes in currencies and commodities. He offers up deep market insights, trading psychology and futures trading tactics. For clients of LaDucTrading, Dale will be running an End-of-Day Closer session Mon – Thurs 3:00-4:00 ET, in addition to hosting a public-facing interview spotlight for Guest Captains of LaDucTrading each Tues and Thurs 4:00-4:30 ET.

Dale began his career in operations on the CME floor for Dean Witter way back when they traded currency futures on chalkboards. For awhile, he became a licensed Series 3 broker and even owned his own firm – Pinkert Commodities GIB – when he became a member of the CME (IOM) division. His forecasts have been aired on many financial outlets and he has interviewed hundreds of financial analysts, traders and money managers over the years.Dale has coached both retail and prop traders while conducting over 700 expert interviews, including our captain, Samantha LaDuc. That is how they met a few years ago and have regularly stayed in touch.

In the spirit of connecting an awesome teacher with an awesome group of clients, I am excited to be working with Dale so he can join our community at LaDucTrading to offer up his expert take on commodities, futures & currencies. I feel his presence rounds out my Macro-to-Micro take on global assets and augments my focus of trading options on stocks, indices and ETFs. No question, Dale adds immediate market depth which supports my goal of adding value for clients and rewarding them for their loyalty and membership. Welcome Dale!

Samantha LaDuc, Founder LaDucTrading & CIO of LaDuc Capital LLC