This is where to find what we chased or forecasted from inside our LIVE Trading Room, where the fish are jumping and occasionally how we take down a shark.

Live Stream Analysis | $TNX

#optionstrading Live Stream Options Callout (Market Timing Calls) #tradealerts #livetrading #optionstrading ##### LADUCTRADING YOUTUBE CATCH a replay and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel. Your next big catch is waiting for you and we will help you find it. 🔦...

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Know What You Own – A MacroAdvisor Special

There is an AIR POCKET OF RISK in stocks and bonds that the market does not see yet. Founder/CTO of LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc, and MacroAdvisor/HF Manager, Craig Shapiro, discuss the growing risk to global markets. Don't miss joining our Macro-to-Micro power duo in...

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Market Timing IS Volatility Timing

Samantha discusses how she times volatility moves in stocks, sectors, and indices to position for out-sized gains. Want to know how she timed the Nasdaq underperformance for 1st half 2022 and biggest bond crash in history? Listen in to find out and learn what...

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