This is where to find what we chased or forecasted from inside our LIVE Trading Room, where the fish are jumping and occasionally how we take down a shark.

FAVE Indicators – Synergy Traders Event #31

Check out Samantha's favorite Trend-Trading Indicator you've never heard of. It's also the easiest to use and comes standard with any charting or trading platform! All of Samantha's indicators she uses every day with both retail and institutional clients are revealed...

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Macro-To-Micro Power Hour: Momo Moon Mania

Elon Musk famously tweeted "Who controls the memes, controls the Universe". How does this translate into trading opportunities today? Samantha is joined by Jonathan of @vigtecofficial and @OptionsMatrix to discuss how to spy these money-making momo memes before they...

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Macro-to-Micro Power Hour: Sentiment Flows

Sentiment flows rock for traders who favor momentum plays. Option flow that drives sentiment flows especially rock to foretell big implied volatility as well as price moves. For this edition of MTM, Jonathan of @vigtecofficial joins Samantha to discuss new measures of...

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Fast, Slow and Just Right: DOCU, SHOP, NVDA

Samantha reviews recent trades tracked in her live trading room, populated in her client slack workspace and how technical analysis can guide successful trades using news, earnings and weekly pivot points. All were *hot fire flames* for clients following along. Let's...

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Macro-To-Micro Power Hour: Summer Squeezes

Traders spent $11.6 billion on options premium for AMC in just one week--more than on SPY, QQQ and Tesla COMBINED! On Tuesday, Jonathan @vigtecofficial and Samantha talk meme stocks as it relates to Optionality as shown in VigTec's OptionsMatrix product, and where...

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