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Qualitative Meets Quantitative

Greetings Traders,

My name is Steve Charros, and I am the quasi-quant guy at LaDucTrading!  My background is one of traditional finance pedigree stuff (Broker, CFP, RIA), but I have recently gone through a “shedding” process (much to my mother’s shock who still works at Morgan Stanley). You see, I started in financial services as an investment adviser and portfolio manager for Fidelity Investments and later JP Morgan Chase, where I spent most of my time hunting and gathering for clients rather than what I really wanted to do:  hunting and gathering profits for them solely instead. I really loved following the markets and trading but as anyone knows, brokers are hired to spend most of their working day ‘selling clients’ not stocks.

Until I met Samantha, I did not intend to have trading become my full time job. I had left my broker job when my wife secured her dream job in San Diego and we moved out West.  That’s when I joined Samantha’s Live Trading Room while I figured out what I wanted to do next.

Samantha came highly recommended to me as a patient, knowledgeable mentor and market guide. Samantha is really like the captain of the boat that keeps me focused as I navigate the turbulent waves not only in the markets but inside my head. One calm voice of reason is easier for me to follow than a cacophony of various talking heads, talking just to talk.

While learning about Volatility and Momentum trading against a Macro backdrop from Samantha, I was content to use my quantitative trading strategies ‘on the side’. Then after six months being in her Live Trading Room daily, I shared my results as I noticed they offered a nice Diversification Approach to her directional option approach – high win-rate, steady low returns with my quant trading paired with her high-frequency, high return trading results. She agreed and offered me a Live Portfolio to track my trades alongside hers.

What a thrill for me and added value for her clients – which thrills Samantha as she really cares about her clients! Now they have more options from which they can learn and follow – and two styles that overlap and definitely compliment!

Now I’m doing the job I love: hunting really good trade set-ups with Samantha and gathering up profits for myself and my wife out here in Sunny Southern California while sharing my ideas with fellow members in our LaDucTrading Fishing Club.

Given my background in risk-averse strategies, I focus on trading very liquid ETFs, stocks and options using longer duration options and option income strategies (collars on stock, ratio and financed spreads). My favorite trading strategy is mean-reversion using quantitatively back-tested technical indicators, combined with qualitative fundamental-intermarket-technical research from Samantha –a style we call “Quasi-Quant”.

This “symbiotic” trading relationship is great for ‘gut checking’ the other, great for active trading clients who seek best of both worlds – my ‘automated quant’ trading signals with Samantha’s best-of-breed market timing calls. We collaborate on Trend Trading, using our combined non-correlated trading styles with specific option strategies that deliver the directional bias Samantha is so good at calling, supported by my trading ‘bots’ – all while managing risk both through risk-defined option plays and active management (since we are scanning and trading and managing trades throughout the market day).

I will be in the trading room to answer any quasi-quant questions and provide guidance to newer market “anglers” interested in automated trading.  My style is appropriate for the “lazy” fisherperson, as I trade less frequently than Samantha, whose portfolio takes smaller-sized, high risk/high reward positions frequently. 

Regardless of your fishing experience, I look forward to meeting both seasoned and beginner traders in our Live Trading Room.  If this kind of fishing excursion is too time-consuming, you can catch all our trade set ups via SMS/Email/Web real-time Trade Alerts. And as an added bonus, you will also get Samantha’s weekly Macro-to-Micro insight in her Gone Fishing Newsletter and an occasional post on Quant Trading from yours truly! I look forward to fishing with you!

Steve Charros



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