To: Raoul Pal, CEO Real Vision Group, and Carey McKee, Editor
Greetings Gentlemen,

I reached out recently to Raoul on Twitter to prompt him to make more of an effort to include women in Real Vision’s finance revolution, as you really can’t have a revolution without us. Thank you for your recent promotional efforts on Twitter to solicit names of valued female contributors.

I know you seek primarily Macro Voices, but I did want to call attention to an article I penned recently that might generate some ideas. Top Women in Finance Twitter to Follow. 

Women are fighting their own revolution in this male-dominated space, whether you realize it or not, so your efforts – to support a more representative and active role for women in Finance and Trading in your publications – are needed and timely.

I recently engaged in some productive Twitter pushback from men to defend the facts that women are not being represented, or inspired, by the all-men discourse being promoted on several popular finance platforms. In just one week, I called out the ALL MEN Finance Twitter Most Popular list published by Stephen Burns; the ALL MEN technical analysis panel hosted by JC Parets with support of CMT; and of course your ALL MEN 2-part Gold documentary + ALL MEN bond yield special featured on Real Vision.

I am not disingenuous or angry just letting you (collectively You) know that privilege is invisible to those who have it and disregard for women, by not including us in the conversation, propagates a myth – that Professional Women in Finance/Trading whether Macro/Technical Analysis aren’t qualified to be represented in your (collectively Your) exclusive and self-serving man-caves. This has to change.

My March @seeitmarket post “Rare Volatility Indicator Signals 1000 Point Dow Jones Drop” was 6th highest performing article in 2017.  I was the only woman in the Top 15 highest performing articles. This has to change.

A recent article caught my attention to highlight our much larger efforts: Tara Lachapelle’s article in Bloomberg demonstrates what a disservice it is to clients that only 2% of the $12 Trillion worth of Mutual Funds are managed exclusively by women. This has to change.

Another was on Hedge Funds highlighted in the Financial Times. Returns were 2X HIGHER by women-run hedge funds BUT only 1 in 20 funds employ women. This author has written about the sharp rise in sexual harassment in fund management as well as other matters of sexism in our industry. Really, this is beyond needing to change.

I call these out as examples of a true Finance Revolution, and one where you can care both about the quality of the content as well as its origins. Women Matter: Anything less than including women in the finance conversation, and recognizing that we ARE the Finance Revolution, is to say we don’t matter.

As you move forward to promote your platform, with, as Raoul writes “a single-minded mission to revolutionize the quality of financial media”, please keep in mind your ability to attract and serve, promote and elevate ALL those great minds in Finance and Trading and how that cannot happen without including women! With that, please keep myself and other women in mind who have reached out to you, both as contributors and advisors, as we have a deeply vested interest (both personal and professional) in revolutionizing this male-dominated space of Finance and Trading while contributing best-of-breed analysis. Our goals should be the same: Empower Women and Inspire Great Trading.

Thank you for wanting to be part of the solution/revolution. It’s Time.


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