It’s a holiday-shortened week and although I will be running my Live Trading Room Mon,Tues and Wed (market closes at 1PM Wed), markets are closed Thursday for Independence Day and I will be traveling Friday to visit family in upstate NY … So No Trading Room Friday!

And by “Upstate”, I mean UP-state, as in deep in the Adirondacks (not Poughkeepsie or Albany). And by family, I mean great aunts and uncles in their 90s that l can’t fly to because there aren’t any airports, and if there were any flights they would be operated by Tree Top Airlines because that’s pretty much the size of plane allowed in. No, I’ll be driving 7.5+ hours each way, paying a pet sitter and otherwise eating junk food the whole weekend. And why? Because that’s what family does.

Enjoy yours!!


PS. No Daily Market Thoughts /Fishing Lesson unless room is open Monday July 7th!