My cheery, live trading room moderator, WallStreetJane, can be heard calling out, “Samantha’s Fault!” And she’s right.
All FIVE Daily Market Thoughts from LAST WEEK (July 8-12) are now posted in the right place… under FISHING LESSONS for non-members, Daily Weather Reports for members:
I was SO intensely busy last week with the final throes of futures testing and live PnL build-out for my Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts that posting my daily got way sloppy.
WallStreetJane preps them; I finish + post them. Missed that last part. Mea Culpa
But Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts for Stocks, Options and now Futures are done and launched and working GREAT! 
Now I can give focused attention to analysis and trading again, while giving my customers the very best experience in a trading room and trading education service.
Thank you for your patience – all those who were patient!!