I’m going to NEW YORK CITY – woot woot!
I have been invited to present at this year’s Benzinga Trading Summit this Thursday June 20th in NYC.
I’m glad there will be a few of us Women in Trading representing the space – okay just three but still …
With that, I will be traveling Wednesday (FED DAY oh my) through Sunday – so my live trading room will be closed W/Th/Fri but WallStreetJane will be running the StockTwits Premium Room and posting her recap via Fishing Lessons.
I also doubt I will have time to contribute to my usual daily weather report given the traveling and meetings scheduled plus the conference not to mention time to secure a place for my daughter to stay this summer for her 10 week internship at OLI Architecture! So happy for Emma. And SO happy for mama as NYC is much closer than Vienna, Austria!
If that wasn’t enough excitement, my girlfriend from Florida is flying in to spend the weekend with me so that will be FUN – and means I will be taking the weekend off from writing. I think you have a bunch form me the past few weeks though. I’ve been In The Zone pushing out inspired content. I hope it really does help you navigate both Fed Day and quadruple witching options expiration day Friday until my return Monday the 24th!
Lastly, it would be lovely if any clients or loyal followers in the NYC area popped in to say hello to me at the Trading Summit!
I wish you a great week!