Happy Easter and Passover!

Thursday after market close I was interviewed by the “Click and Clack” of Finance Twitter (where both gentlemen follow me and you should too): (Anyone remember the Tappet brothers of the famed Boston radio show “Car Talk”?) Anyway, Patrick and Kevin host The Market Huddle and are no strangers to Macro-to-Micro trading. These gentlemen run funds and are well-connected with the Macro wonks I follow. I respect their work, enjoy their humor and was very humbled to be asked to be on their show.

Below is the YouTube Interview and if interested here are my Market Huddle Notes I sent them in advance so they could pull charts and topics of interest for their slide deck – and I guess where they got that crazy title! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed taping it!

Market Huddle Episode 24: When Turkeys Fly


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