Early each morning, I scan and synthesize market-moving news. I look at macro themes, currency moves and global economic indicators that support or challenge my thinking on the Big Picture and help me take the mood of the market. I like to assemble these data points and turn them into context for my clients. While surveying the market landscape, I am also actively looking for new momentum and value trades for my  Live Trading Room   and some may even make it into my Live Portfolio, Brokerage-Triggered, Trade Alerts! To catch all the live trading action, join me 9:00am - 12:00pm ET every trading day. I look forward to fishing with you!
Big Bullish Day = thank gawd I had some longs 😉 China Data showed China exports rose 14.2% from a year earlier in March, against forecasts calling for a rise of 8.7% and after a sharp drop in February. China’s total trade with the U.S slumped by 11% in the first three months of this […]
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