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Until this theme changes, I’m keeping it here: Market Thoughts: When Is It Safe To Buy?

Oct 2nd: I believe we now chop and drop into the 9th and then move higher after that into FOMC on the 31st.
Samantha LaDuc

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Employment Matters:

US Markit PMI composite signals jobs growth of just 50,000 in October. @Danske_Research

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Both POTUS candidates Sanders and Warren have presented economic plans to limit or ban stock buybacks. They want to end Income Inequality that has been an unintended consequence of financial engineering that drives stock prices higher – especially in combination with Fed’s easy money policies past decade that incentivized a dangerous debt jubilee. The narrative against buybacks is picking up speed with major pushback directed at companies that do not spend on investment/capex and wage growth but instead sacrifice these for executive compensation/shareholder value. Examples include:

TXN: Texas Instruments up 2.6% in revenue since 2006 but stock is up an amazing 300%.

$AAPL Apple has bought back over 2 Billion or ~30% of shares outstanding at the end of 2012.

$BA: “in last 5 yrs Boeing diverted 92% of operating cash flow to dividends & share buybacks to benefit investors. Since 1998, share buybacks consumed $70 billion… ”


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Bullish Oil:

U.S. crude oil demand normally surges 1.5-2.0 mbpd between the turnaround bottom and year-end, looks like that bottom is right on schedule, supportive for $OIL near-term. @RobertMacMinn

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Private equity managers won the financial crisis. But will they cause the next one?

Everything Is Private Equity Now

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