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APPROACHING MY SPX PRICE TARGET OF $3060 from Market Thoughts: When Is It Safe To Buy?

Oct 2nd: I believe we now chop and drop into the 9th and then move higher after that into FOMC on the 31st.Samantha LaDuc

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Talk about tight. This is called a fractal that shows Texas Instruments is a leading indicator of Global Trade and it’s not in a good trend.
$TXN sales YoY (w/ implied guide) vs. global PMI via @TeddyVallee

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Assuming Republican Senator Rubio does file a bill to limit US Investing in Chinese stocks, and assuming it gets bi-partisan support and passes, then we can assume the market will price this in! The very fact that I am highlighting it (for a year now) is because the narrative is building under the surface in this Trade War with China that can reverberate in Capital Markets. It’s a risk. A potentially big one.

Top Trades

Twitter is about to really set itself apart from Facebook…

First, here is a must-read thread from their Oct 25th earnings report wherein their CFO did a full mea culpa on Twitter. If you are, like me, impressed by TWTR as a platform but dumbfounded why they haven’t monetized it to propel the stock price higher, you will want to dig in. I agree that TWTR will be a double in 2yrs.

And then just today, @Jack made a very big announcement that elevates TWTR as the antithesis of FB in its moral compass. Stock got  hit afterhours, but I contend this will make for a much more rewarding and trusted experience. At the very least, those in Social Responsible Investing will be drawn in as FB has proven repeatedly to be a sewer of deep-fakes and deep distrust. 

Top Reads / Videos

Jim Bianco makes a good point: Central Banks Can’t Create Negative Rates by Themselves

  • Technology squashes core inflation
  • Older people are buying bonds and driving yields lower
  • The world savings glut is leading to massive bond buying that is resulting in yields dropping
  • Global flight-to-quality will continue as the world economy slows
  • Financial repression from central banks will continue as they take monetary policy rates into negative territory

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