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APPROACHING MY SPX PRICE TARGET OF $3060 from Market Thoughts: When Is It Safe To Buy?

Oct 2nd: I believe we now chop and drop into the 9th and then move higher after that into FOMC on the 31st.Samantha LaDuc

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You have probably heard that the biggest buyer of equities in this decade long Bull market has been corporations buying back their own shares. Did you also know that Global earnings are declining and Lower earnings will reduce buybacks?

“… without corporate buying of its own stock, the index would be closer to 2000 than 3000,” per Ned Davis.

Buybacks (Thread) by @anilvohra69

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October 28 Earnings Thread: With 47% of companies reported, S&P 500 earnings (GAAP & Operating) down 3% year-over-year, slowest growth since 2016. In other news, S&P 500 set to open at a new all-time high this morning, +23% YTD. @charliebilello

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Bears Repeating:  $AAPL (with $FB) report same day as FOMC – October 30th. Individually they can cause a market pullback. So what are the chances both $AAPL + Fed disappoint, together? 

Curious how a colleague and I arrive at the same place using different approaches…

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Repo drives higher interest rates:

“U.S. government cannot issue more debt without driving up interest rates – it is simply a question of supply and demand.”

Fed will have to “do the same thing as the ECB to combat America’s fiscal policy that is driving interest rates up.” Martin Lowy

Treasury Market Indigestion Is Overcoming Fed Monetary Policy


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