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Back on October 2nd I suggested to clients markets would run up into Oct. 31 – and target SPX $3060 and NYSE $13,333 – with lower prices starting in mid-November through the end of the year. I consider current price action around this level to be ‘cruising altitude’ before it gets a little bumpy again.

In my article for MarketWatch, I predicted higher yields: Despite the Fed’s support, this stock market is headed lower

Then, just last week we had a historic move lower in bonds for which I was positioned for clients (short bonds and gold, long value and commodities).

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Capex Slowdown…

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Earnings Matter, and despite the tax cut 14 months ago (aiding the bump up in EPS growth to 28%), “organic” earnings growth (including stock buybacks) is slowing.

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With the Permian Slowdown in drilling, my Reflation Thesis has more legs…

“U.S. shale is slamming on the brakes, which may yet engineer a rebound in global oil prices.”

The Drilling Frenzy Is Over For U.S. Shale

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Excellent thread. For those who think China is still deleveraging –

“China simply cannot reflate its (or global) economy anymore.”

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