Ok, so it’s not just one guest captain, but a whole fleet.

This weekend I did my usual perusal of macro reading and I couldn’t help but click on each of these articles from Bloomberg contributors and want to share them all!

What the heck is going on with the bond market?

The global slide in bond yields has analysts and traders confused. With trade tensions persisting, worries about the global economy increasing, the U.S. economic recovery chugging along, and inflation rates low or declining in Japan and the euro zone, bondholders are understandably getting a bit worried. Toss in some dovish signals from the Federal Reserve, and you’ve got the right conditions for a perfect storm of concern. Bloomberg Opinion writers chased the darkening clouds this week.

** Bonds Suggest a Ceiling for the Stock Market – Conor Sen

**Those Poor U.S. Bond Auctions Are Adding Up – Robert Burgess

Sovereign Wealth Funds Love Bonds Now. But Why? – Brian Chappatta

The Bond Market Is Now a Giffen Good – Komal Sri-Kumar

Italy and Austria Take the Bond Market to a Very Weird Place – Marcus Ashworth

Jerome Powell Just Locked in a July Rate Cut – Brian Chappatta

**The Fed Satisfies Fewer and Fewer These Days – Mohamed A. El-Erian

Powell and the Fed Have Zero Control Over the Long Bond – Robert Burgess

**U.S. Yields at 3%? Franklin’s Making Too Much Sense – Brian Chappatta

Samantha here,

So can a 25bp rate cut end of July compensate equities for the risk of a debt ceiling showdown, China slowdown and earnings growth contraction? Well here is what one network was pitching:

When the Fed cuts rates without a recession, stocks go higher 100% of the time. CNBC

When the Fed cuts rates without a recession, stocks go higher 100% of the time

And you thought there was no “Sure Thing” in the stock market 😉

Happy Trading, and despite what you see on TV, don’t forget to hedge.