The wait is over! My StockTwits Premium Room just went live!!

A few months back, StockTwits asked me to offer a Premium Room on its platform which serves a dedicated community of over Two Million Traders.

I wanted to oblige with a very affordable $75 price point – at the same time find an efficient way to cull some of my market thoughts and trading ideas from my $500/month Live Trading Room where I daily:

  • Make Market Timing Calls based on Market-Moving News
  • Work through Value and Momentum trade ideas with clients
  • Personally share my Macro-to-Micro trade set ups using risk-defined options
  • Alert clients to my trades from within my Live Portfolios with Real-Time, Brokerage-Triggered Trading Alerts via SMS/email/Web
  • Publish my Macro-to-Micro Market Thoughts, Intermarket Analysis and Gone Fishing Investment Newsletter

The Solution

I hired a Co-Captain who already works with me in my Live Trading Room to provide select trade ideas into my StockTwit Premium Room – as well as actively support and engage clients!

Together we share our Top 5 Chase and Swing Ideas Daily – along with the low-risk-entry (LRE) technical levels to trade against. We base our Option tactics on the underlying Stock price, so both stock and option traders can benefit. This Room will be primarily focused on the technical trade set ups.

About Your Moderator

Wall Street Jane – Not your average Jane is an active, professional options trader AND poker player, she was deep in the banking trenches during the GFC and understands macro and fundamentals well. Clients in my Live Trading Room already benefit from her speedy market-moving news alerts and humor! I am happy to announce StockTwit Premium Room members will also get to benefit from Jane’s wit + wisdom!!

Free 5 day trial so come check us out!

As professional female option traders, we encourage client engagement and shared ideas! Jane will be most active in the StockTwit Premium Room and I will pop into the Room each afternoon for an hour. So if you want to benefit from some expert chart pattern recognition, volatility insight with big-picture macro perspective thrown in – at a very affordable price point – join us!

We look forward to fishing with you!

Samantha – and Jane!


I am making a month of my analysis available to the FIRST FIFTY who sign up to my new ST Premium Room so you can see my Macro-to-Micro take on markets, as well as have a look at my analysis which helped clients navigate the recent pullback. 


 1st Member Testimonial from my Premium Room:

“I know it is only day 2 but I really like the look and feel of your content and approach. It is SO Pro, really well written, and your content clarifies complex information which gives a real edge in decision making. Thank YOU!” @rorotrader


About Samantha: I trade for a living and support clients who do the same. I run a trader education service for Professional Retail clients and allocated trading for Institutional (RIA/HF/PM) clients. As a Chase, Swing and Trend trader, my focus is anticipating volatility at inflection points that move a market, stock, currency, commodity or interest rates. I am especially known for my calls on Volatility and Market Timing. With a backdrop of Macro (economics, fundamentals, technical, inter-market and sentiment), I deliver the Micro (actionable trade ideas and set ups). Get More Fishing Options!

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