Your Captain Got a Much Faster Boat!

Today is an important day for me as I see the realization of a vision I imagined and started working on over a year ago –  a Live Portfolio of my trades (and future co-captains) across multiple time-frames, asset classes and strategies. The hook? These trades would be viewable in one place, mirror my brokerage account and be linked to real-time trade alerts and a running realized PnL so clients could follow along with my analysis if they chose.

What started as a supplemental tool in Google Spreadsheets – to capture some of my market timing calls from my Live Trading Room – has evolved over the year into a robust TRADER EDUCATION APP that is fast, accurate and easy to follow.

Yes, It’s Automated From A Brokerage Account!

Most analyst research and trader education services offer basic trade alerts from a private twitter, whatsapp or slack account. Others just send an email. In my travels, I always hated how these trades weren’t real/verifiable or really showing the losses next to the gains so clients could eyeball the cumulative trades so as to measure up the trader’s skill as well as resulting realized profit/loss. On the other side of the spectrum were the professional firms… RIAs have allocated trading capabilities through brokerage accounts. Hedge Funds have algorithms from custom programming. I just wanted to analyze, educate and trade – at the same time share my trade set ups – so since I couldn’t find a system to borrow or buy… I built one! And now I am ready to present it to you, my very valued and patient clients.

I alerted in January. I actually Beta launch today !!

My New and Improved Trade Alerts Will Support the Following Features:

  1. Integrate live market data, not delayed
  2. For both stocks and options, (futures and forex to be added soon)
  3. That will allow for long and short positions, using directional and multi-leg option tactics (including credit spreads)
  4. That populates entries and exits AUTOMATICALLY
  5. With actual fills, based on mid-price order execution
  6. Where exit prices are triggered based on the stock’s underlying stop loss or profit target, whether stock or options
  7. Allowing for partial exits, (for scaling out of up to three profit targets and two stop losses)
  8. In an Interactive Broker account, (paper trading to start then funded)
  9. That triggers real-time Trade Alerts, via Web/Email/SMS
  10. Across all of Samantha’s live portfolios, currently Chase, Swing, Trend, Idea …
  11. Allowing for Guest Captains to track their trades/PnL (with a few on the dock waiting to jump on board)
  12. And all of this while offering an auditing trail and Live Portfolio PnL for all clients!


ONLY EXECUTION PAYS So…Our Automated Trade Alerts Exit When Stops Are Hit!

Stops – for both Stocks and Options – are based on the projected price of the underlying equity, which we enter manually when we enter a trade (Think: “Conditional Order” in a brokerage account). These Stops – both Profit and Loss – are subjective and often based on the high price (when going short) or low price (when going long) of the corresponding range bar – a range bar that is determined by the chart time-frame:

  • Chases – trades that typically last 1-3 Days employing options 1-3 weeks out – are based on hourly chart time-frame.
  • Swings – trades that typically last 1-3 Weeks employing options 1-3 months out – are based on daily chart time-frame.
  • Trends – trades that typically last 1-3 Months employing options 3-6 months out – are based on weekly chart time-frame.
  • Ideas – trades that capture potential earnings, volatility or Unusual Option Activity events – are based on any duration.

IMPORTANT: Automated Stops trigger executed fills/orders (through Interactive Brokers) which triggers the Exit Price in the Live Portfolio which triggers the Trade Alerts you receive via Web and Email and SMS. These manually entered Stops as shown in the Live Portfolios – both Profit and Loss – can be changed after a Trade Alert is Opened, without notice, as market conditions dictate. No Correction Trade Alert will be triggered on changed Stops at this time so refer to our Live Portfolios for any changes.  We teach and inform by sharing our trade ideas with stops. You enter trades at your own risk. Learn more.

Open Invitation

For custom Macro-to-Micro market analysis, and detailed context around a trade idea, I invite you to join me and fellow traders and money managers in our the LIVE Trading Room  – whether for the day or every day. Don’t hesitate to reach out in Chat. For timely in room support, Karen Greenwood is one of my room moderators who helps capture my market timing calls by recording them in Closed Captioning. Arcnha Jagtiani serves to support trading room clients with momentum ideas, option flow while providing me with active trade support for our trade alert clients. Together, we work through, document and communicate detailed Value and Momentum trade ideas and set ups every trading day.

We look forward to supporting your trading goals in 2019 with LaDucTrading’s newly automated Trade Alerts! Let’s Go Fishing!!


At LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc leads the analysis, education and trading services. She analyzes price patterns and inter-market relationships across stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates; develops macro investment themes to identify tactical trading opportunities; and employs strategic technical analysis to deliver high conviction stock, sector and market calls. Through LIVE portfolio-tracking, across multiple time-frames, we offer real-time Trade Alerts via SMS/email that frame the Thesis, Triggers, Time Frames, Trade Set-ups and Option Tactics. Samantha excels in chart pattern recognition, volatility insight with some big-picture macro perspective thrown in.

More Macro:  @SamanthaLaDuc  Macro-to-Micro: @LaDucTrading