New Year. New Trade Alert Features.

My New and Improved Trade Alerts Will Support the Following Goals:
  1. Integrate live market data, not delayed
  2. For both stocks and options, (futures and forex to be added soon)
  3. That will allow for long and short positions, using directional and multi-leg option tactics
  4. That populates entries and exits AUTOMATICALLY
  5. With actual fills, based on mid-price between bid/ask
  6. Where exit prices are triggered based on the stock’s underlying stop loss or profit target, whether stock or options
  7. Allowing for partial exits, (for scaling out of up to three profit targets and two stop losses)
  8. In an Interactive Broker account, paper trading to start (then funded)
  9. That triggers real-time Trade Alerts, via Web/Email/SMS
  10. Across all of Samantha’s live portfolios, currently Chase, Swing, Trend, Idea …
  11. Allowing for Guest Captains to track their trades/PnL (with a few on the dock waiting to jump on board)
  12. And all of this while offering an auditing trail, both gross and net PnL, with Live Portfolio PnL for all clients!


Apologies for the Delay

The new and improved Trade Alerts were to be launched upon my return from vacation – where I traveled in Europe to see my daughters over the holidays – and so as to kick off the New Year with a New Book! Unfortunately, delays occurred so our apologies for not finishing on time. Zeke has been busy programming the live market data for the live portfolios linked to the live trade alerts based on my specifications. And unfortunately for Zeke, I’m kinda demanding. Also, please keep in mind: this stuff is not out-of-the-box software but ALL custom and doesn’t exist anywhere else to my knowledge SO there were some gotchas we hadn’t anticipated. But good news: we have worked through most of them!

Portfolio Update: 

All Open Positions have been closed out – either as a result of their stop loss or profit target being triggered or as of this past Friday the 10th of January in anticipation of launching the new Portfolios linked with live data this week. You can Review The Catch here!

Moving forward, trade exits will be automated as real-time market data updates my Live Portfolio positions and triggers my Live Trade Alerts. This will greatly help to remove the delays and errors from manual trade exits.

All Together Again:

It is so nice to have everyone back together in my trading room to better support clients! Archna has returned from her holiday in India and is actively supporting trade management across my multiple portfolios. Karen has returned post flu and holidays to actively record my market timing calls and trade ideas in Closed Captioning. Both of these ladies are very skilled traders with great ideas/trades and help moderate our trading room each market day.

Open Invitation:

Whether a regular LIVE Trading Room client or one that just pops in for the day, I invite you to ping me in chat for detailed and custom trading set-ups and market analysis as we work through Value and Momentum trade ideas and set ups every trading day.

I wish you a Profitable and Happy New Year!!


Thanks for reading and please consider joining me in the LIVE Trading Room where we work through Value and Momentum trade ideas and set ups every trading day.

At LaDucTrading, Samantha LaDuc leads the analysis, education and trading services. She analyzes price patterns and inter-market relationships across stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates; develops macro investment themes to identify tactical trading opportunities; and employs strategic technical analysis to deliver high conviction stock, sector and market calls. Through LIVE portfolio-tracking, across multiple time-frames, we offer real-time Trade Alerts via SMS/email that frame the Thesis, Triggers, Time Frames, Trade Set-ups and Option Tactics. Samantha excels in chart pattern recognition, volatility insight with some big-picture macro perspective thrown in.

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